About BAM!

BAM! Bust A Myth!

Delivering Customer Service In a Self Service World

By Barry J. Moltz and Mary Jane Grinstead
Preface by Bob Rosner, Syndicated Columnist of “Workplace 911”

Customer service has been turned upside down by the self-sufficiency and immediacy of buying products on the Internet. Our self-help culture has been transformed into a self-service world with customers able and willing to do much more for themselves. At the same time, customers are becoming accustomed to the personalized benefits that we experience online through Web-based buying experiences that can be automatically tailored to our tastes, buying patterns and desires. The bar for customer service has been raised in our self-service economy. However, the only reason to provide outstanding customer service is if it makes your business money.

BAM! Is a no nonsense book that teaches companies why they want to deliver effective customer service in this self-service world and how to do it. The book debunks the 20 common myths of customer service—from “The customer is always right” to “Customer service means the same thing to everyone,” to “Companies achieve customer service by under-promising and over-delivering”—myths that too many companies use automatically to run their customer service practices without ever questioning them.

BAM! replaces these myths with a tactical approach that shows companies how to make more money through attitudes and actions that will help their customers feel satisfied in good or bad times.

This how-to book features exercises, tools, and work sheets including:

  • How to Bust the 20 Myths of Customer Service that Hold Back Your Company.
  • A Formula to Value Each of Your Customers and the Economic Value They Contribute to Your Bottom Line.
  • A Two-Way Customer Service Manifesto and How to Customize One for Your Company.
  • Action Plans for CEOs, Line Managers, and Customer Service Reps to Ensure that Customer Service is in the Company DNA.
  • How to Treat Your Best Customers So They Stay.
  • How to Fire the Harmful Ones So They Leave.
  • A Comprehensive Customer Service Thesaurus.