Deborah House

As founder of The Adare Group, Deborah works with CEOs to maximize profits. Since 1981, increasing profits by record amounts through the dissection and examination of external forces, rather than indiscriminate expense reduction, has been her sole focus. She has obtained tens of millions of dollars in financing for growing businesses, including McDonald’s franchisees, with debt and equity. Her financial knowledge and business acumen allow her to quickly develop and implement practical solutions with results that show up on the bottom line.

She structured successful mergers and integration activities, and developed and implemented strategic plans to increase profitability—plans that included strategic segmentation of customers and asset portfolios and operational efficiencies. Deborah is a CPA who has a wealth of experience in executive positions at companies such as McDonald’s Corporation, Amoco Corporation, GATX, and Fifth-Third Bank. Her outstanding business acumen and financial expertise, plus a firm commitment to achieving results, have made her an asset to every organization.