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“I’d like to place an order, please. May I get 2 copies of BAM, with a side of excellent advice for customer service, and a large dose of reality? I’d like that to go. Barry Moltz really has a winner here with BAM, and I, for one, hope the service industry picks it up and runs with it.” – Chris Brogan, co-author of Trust Agents @chrisbrogan

“Moltz & Grinstead offer a rare approach to customer service, reality. They recognize that customers want to serve themselves, act on their feelings and are all unique.  These three “aha” observations alone are worth the price of admission.”- Tim Sanders, best selling author and editor at and @sanderssays

“Toss out your old ideas about customer service. BAM! offers a new manifesto for using customer service to create a competitive edge to make more money!”- Joe Vitale, Mr. Fire, Author of The Attractor Factor

“This book offers a BAM!-good way to make customer service a revenue-producing competitive tool–and the way you do it may surprise you.” – Michael Port, NY Times Bestselling author of The Think Big Manifesto and Booked Yourself Solid @MichaelPort

“I am amazed by companies that lose sight of the very reason they are in business… for their customers! Yet, poor customer service is a sign of the times.  That means there is great opportunity for those wanting to get back to the basics of serving others properly.  Read this book and you’ll be on your way to becoming a superstar to your customers… and your competitors worst nightmare!”– Joel Comm, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Twitter Power @JoelComm

“BAM! reminds us that the old maxim is true: If enough people love you, the ones who  don’t, don’t matter. Want to know how to get the right people to love you? Read the book!- Gail Blanke, author of Throw Out Fifty Things and Between Trapezes.

“The new workplace is about transparency and authenticity, and this includes customer service. Barry Moltz shows you how to leverage new workplace trends to increase your bottom line.” – Penelope Trunk, CEO, Brazen Careerist

The customer’s always right, right? Wrong! Read BAM! and find out what other customer service rules you should be breaking.”-Rieva Lesonsky, CEO, GrowBiz Media @Rieva

“BAM! Barry Moltz  puts the BOUNCE back into customer service with a CRAZY competitive edge that goes straight to the bottom line!” Liz Strauss,  social media and web strategist, Founder of SOBCon @lizstrauss

“BAM! blasts light in the dark hole of customer service no one wants to look down.  This book is a wake up call to all companies that want  to win at the customer service game.”- Rob McNealy, Chief Stategist, Contrived Media @robmcnealy

“True to form, Barry gives straight-shooting and effective advice on the true competitive edge of the new millennium: killer customer service.  Infused with real-world examples, BAM! will knock small business in the right direction.” – -Pamela Slim, author of Escape from Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur @pamslim

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