Back to School Customer Service at Office Depot

by Barry Moltz on September 10, 2010

Forget Black Friday! One of the biggest sale days for office supply stores is the evening after the first day of school.  It’s when every parent goes to the office supply store with list in hand to get the school supplies needed for their child for the year.  (If you don’t have a list, Office Depot is more than willing to suggest one!- see photo!).  They also have a list of schools there so you can donate 5% of your purchase to your school as an added incentive!

But what really impressed me was when we approached a very busy cashier.  We had purchased over $200 of “stuff.”  Instead of just checking us out, he dug through his cashier drawer to find a $15 off coupon to reduce our total cost!  I didn’t even ask.  Now that’s BAM-good customer service!

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