The BAM Blockers

So why is this so hard?

Here are some of the things that get in the way of offering great customer service. We call them BAM! Blockers.

Many businesses have economic models that work only if front-line customer positions pay minimum wage.

The computer or manual support system the company has stink.

Customers are fundamentally unreasonable people who set out to prey on business owners, nicking away at profitability by asking for more than they are willing to pay.

Our company believes in setting high goals and standards for our company, and higher expectations for our customers, whether we can deliver on those goals and expectations or not.

There is nothing we can do in customer service since our products in the marketplace are so far from perfect.

Just because the customers aren’t mad doesn’t mean you are delivering good customer service.

What was good customer service yesterday may not be seen as good customer service today.

Conditions have changed and the company cannot deliver the same level of customer service as before.

The cell phone!

The company leadership is saying one thing about customer service, but acts a different way.

Employees don’t like their jobs. They kick the cat, taking their frustration out on the customers.

The company doesn’t train employees with the specifics of satisfying customers.

The company has set a price point that doesn’t leave enough margin to provide the level of service or quality that customers want.

It’s inevitable that every business will keep customers waiting.

Customers want a human relationship, and not every business can provide that.

All businesses must use voice mail in order to keep expenses down.

Well-trained and well-intended employees will not make mistakes that cause problems for customers.

Employees may not be trained to efficiently and cost-effectively address customer problems without degrading service in other areas.

Employees will never be able to figure out the right balance of authority and employee empowerment

What prevents you from offer good customer service? Tell us!