It’s time for “BAM!-good” Service

BAM!-Logo-Color-transparentBAM!-good customer service is defined by the attitudes and actions that a business takes to help a customer feel more satisfied.

It is defined by how satisfied or dissatisfied the company’s customers feel during every moment of every interaction with the company and over time.

A company’s relationships with its customer can be as tenuous—and the scary thing is that customers know this, but companies usually don’t.

Prospects and customers get to define whether the company’s customer service is good or bad. That assessment is going to be calibrated by the customer’s feeling of satisfaction. Much of the time this emotional computing goes on without customers or companies observing or even being conscious of it. When a company demonstrates an attitude or takes actions that contribute to making customers feel more satisfied, customers will feel, and hopefully say, that customer service is good. When a company takes actions that contribute to making customers feel less satisfied to dissatisfied, they will say that the way the company treats its customers is marginal to terrible—and they will say it frequently, loudly, and to other people or more.

When companies define customer service by the attitudes they hold and the actions they take to serve the customer, they can spend a lot of money and still miss the boat if these attitudes and actions don’t help a customer feel more satisfied. Companies that seek to provide a high level of customer service must consider how to positively affect the feelings that lead to satisfaction in their prospects and customers.

Don’t tell us the horror stories of customer service. There are other web sites that do that. Tell us about where you have received “BAM!-good!” customer service. We want to know!

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