The Oatmeal Asks: Call Customer Service or Get Punched in The Testicles?

by Barry Moltz on March 1, 2010

Do you dread calling customer service like I do?

The folks at The Oatmeal are funny people. They diagram what it’s really like to call customer service (see their graphic). Here are the truths they mention!

From The Oatmeal

1. First you have to find the phone number. It’s usually next to a beautiful woman (not a real depiction of who you are really talking to).

2. Once on the line, you can speak your selection. This never really works.

3. Once you give up on that, you dial your choice after a very long list.

4. Then they put you on hold and then tease you (by the phone ringing again) into thinking that a person is coming on the line soon.

5. When you finally get a person, they ask you all sorts of ridiculous questions which don’t get any closer to solving your problem.

6. They want to send you a replacement which takes weeks…and then does not work when you get it!

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