Calling The Fix It Guy for Excellent Service

by Barry Moltz on January 2, 2011

Our dryer was making sounds that it probably shouldn’t be making. After 10 years, it was time to get it repaired.  Guest for New Year’s were on their way.  Fortunately, appliances don’t break enough these days that I always have the name of the right repairman handy.

I put “chicago dryer frigidaire repair” into the Google search engine.  A variety of service companies were listed, but one stood out.  Robert, The Fix It Guy had over 150 outstanding reviews on Yelp!

I called Robert and he answered the phone.  We set up for a member of his team to come to the house the next day at 9:00 AM (Note – NO FOUR HOUR WINDOW).  Wayne arrived on time, took his shoes off and politely went to work diagnosing the problem.  By the afternoon when the motor came in, the dryer was up and running again.

Now, this repair was not inexpensive, but the service was outstanding and I would call Robert every time!

What should we learn from this:

1. Public peer recommendations on the web work.  In fact, consumers trust it more than advertising in buying decisions.

2. Great service will mean more business recommended to you.  I am telling everyone I know.

3. When people have a pain (bad dryer with company coming), service matters more than price.

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