Chris Brogan’s Video Review of BAM!

by Barry Moltz on November 9, 2009

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Chris Brogan on Saturday reviewed BAM! My favorite part of the review is when Chris says ”if your not passionate about customer service, what business are you in?

In his blog, Chris writes, “I started out in customer service. Lots of people passionate about social media have some customer service in their background. That’s why I really got into Barry Moltz’s and Mary Jane Grinstead’s book BAM!: Delivering Customer Service in a Self-Service World (amazon affiliate link). It’s a very readable book, broken into very useful chunks, with a recurring theme of “bust-a-myth,” ergo the BAM! I highly recommend this book if you’ve got something to do with customer service (Terry, I’m looking at YOU!).

BTW, many people freaked out that Chris was driving and reviewing. Here is the making of the BAM! Video

“ almost every comment presumed I was soon to kill every other person on the road, I thought I’d show you how I shot it. Still, was it safe? I’ve probably done safer things than shoot a video while driving, but hopefully, you’ll get a better sense of what I saw and what controls I had while shooting it. If you’re still not pleased, it’s okay. I do lots of things you don’t like. I just don’t usually film them.”

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