Is Citibank’s Customer Service Manifesto Sincere?

by Barry Moltz on July 20, 2010

Kudos to Citibank.  Sort of…

After the Great Recession, they figured out that as a “federally owned bank” they should start giving some customer service.  Posted in the window at my local Citibank is their manifesto – the promises they are making to customers.

The good parts of their manifesto:

We will listen: This is exactly what every customer wants.  We realize you can’t solve all our problems, just hear us out.  We know its hard to talk at the teller counter so you can come to one of our cubicles.

We will protect your identity as if it were our own.  Identity theft is a huge issue.  Good for Citibank for recognizing this.

The unbelievable parts of the manifesto:

We will be there when you need us. If this is true, why do you close at 5:00 and only work a half day on Saturday (and closed Sundays)?  Most of us gave up banker’s hours years ago.

We will help you define and work toward your financial goals.  What they mean is that only if this does not involve borrowing money from them for your business.

We will reward you for banking with us. Every once in awhile, we won’t charge you $34 for every overdraft or $25 a month just to keep your money with us.

We will reward you for telling your friends about us. No thanks, I have enough piggy banks with the Citibank logo on them.  I need something to put in them!

We promise to support the community and people we serve.  This involves having free coffee and cookies on Saturday morning.  But if it involves lending money to local businesses so they can grow, please count them out.

A manifesto is more than a sign.  It requires sincere action by the company.

What do you think of the customer service manifesto?  Does your business have one?

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