Condolence Card for Cavi Makes Great Customer Service

by Barry Moltz on November 17, 2010

My son Daniel on right after Cavi Won First Place

My son’s guinea pig, Cavi died on Monday night at age 5.  In the morning, she was fine eating in her cage and by night, she was dead.  It was a big shock for my son who would not come out of his room all night.  It was very sad and sudden since Cavi added such joy to our family life.

We brought Cavi’s body to the local animal hospital, Higgins Animal Clinic on Tuesday to be cremated where he had visited a few times.  We thought that we would have a short service for Cavi and put his ashes in a place in the house where we could remember him.
What the Higgins did next was unexpected.  Today, we received a condolence card for Cavi at our home.  It simply said:
Our sincere sympathy for the loss of your companion, Cavi…”
…and it was signed by the entire staff (15 people!).  Wow!
This really struck me as a kind gesture.  But, I also realized what a smart customer service strategy it was.  One of the elements of building satisfied customers is all showing that you care about them.  Receiving this card solidified forever that “Higgins Cares”.
I want to buy another guinea pig now just so I can buy services from Higgins!

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