Don’t Cuss Us, Write Us

by Barry Moltz on July 15, 2010

Most of us want feedback from our customers.  The problem is that in a retail environment we are stuck using traditional comment cards.  These are typically ineffective.  Most of the people that fill out surveys are:

1. Very Happy

2. Very Unhappy

3. Get compensated for it ($2 off next visit or order)

If we must use comment cards, Leona’s in Chicago does it in a smart way.  They have a card that says, “Don’t Cuss, Write Us.”  They make it fun to fill it out. Their rating scale is:

1. No Way!

2. Not There Yet

3. Close, but no cigar

4. Pretty Close

5. Fabulous

At the end, they say, “Anything else you want to get off your chest?  Gotta Talk?  Call Bill T or Laura W at 773-XXX-XXXX.”

Do you use comment cards?  How do they work for you?

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