You Don’t Know Me Well Enough to Hate Me

by Barry Moltz on December 16, 2010

No matter how good your product or service is, all your customers will not be satisfied.

If you blog or write anywhere about your point of view, somebody is not going to like it.

These are the facts of the internet where everyone has an opinion.  I would rather have someone love me or hate me than feel neutral about me.  At least I inspired them to action. But what can you do when people post negative comments on your site or send you hate mail?

1. Is this real feedback or just a comment from a troll? Is the person giving constructive feedback and have a legitimate point of view, or are they a troll that is only looking to take a break from their life?  Respond to constructive feedback and stay away from trolls.

2. Delete the crap. Don’t be afraid to delete something that is just plain mean, obscene and does not add to the conversation.

3. Correct inaccurate factual information. You can start of by saying, “Thank you, but the facts are…”

4. Don’t be afraid to engage in a dialogue. What is wrong with differing points of view?  Interaction is what you wanted, right?

5. Get other people to support you. Get the people that support your position to comment as well.  This shows where the “majority’s” opinion lies.

6. Don’t take it personally.  I have received my fair share of hate mail.  It is not fun but it is not personal.  Most of the people don’t know me well enough to hate me. But I have touched something inside of them they don’t like about themselves.  That’s a good start.

What do you do with Negative Nancies?

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