Enemy #1 of Customer Service: The Cell Phone

by Barry Moltz on November 16, 2009

cellMost people will point to the cell phone as something good for customer service because no matter where they are, they can try to help the customer. While this may be true, the cell phone hurts customer service more than it helps.

The cell phone allows interruptions into what we should be focusing in on right now. How can the postal carrier or taxi driver focus on providing good service when they are always on the phone? Cell phone usage is a proven distraction while driving (some say the equivalent of being drunk). By allowing the use of the cell phone, we allow personal distractions to creep into the providing great service to our customers. Just traveling today, I have seen personal cell phone usage interrupt the work of TSA officers, concession counters, flight attendants, gate personnel and baggage handlers- all within an hour. How much productivity or customer will was lost in these interruptions?

Routine personal use of cell phones (except in emergencies) should be prohibited in business. It does not allow us to focus on our jobs. We will always waiting for that next personal interruption. What do you think?

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Lena L. West November 16, 2009 at 6:58 pm

Right on, Barry! I read this blog post to my Aunt over the phone and she said, “because if they didn’t have the cell phones, they would probably be fired for being on the phone all that time”. Agreed!

She also added, “And, not only will they stop their work, if they are in a store, they will interrupt the next clerk to let them hear what’s being said on their phone.” My Aunt says that happened to her at CVS. Amazing!

Thanks for always saying what needs to be said, Barry.

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