Even Trash Can Offer Satisfying Service

by Barry Moltz on April 1, 2010

Trash and Customer Service do mix! It is a competitive business and it’s hard to differentiate yourself on something besides price.

This is an exciting time of year because I get to go to Michigan to open up our beach house for the season. It is a sure sign of spring. One of the tasks is to contact all the vendors to ensure they turn our services back on from the winter.

I contacted Reliable Disposal, Stevensville, MI after hours on Monday. The  very next day they followed up with a voice mail and email. Pam, in her email said:

Good Morning Barry,

You left a message last night on our over night system regarding this question as well and Suzy has since called you and left a message that she is resuming your service. You were on a seasonal stop so all she had to do was to change it back to a resume of pick up service and BAM, it is working. I had to somehow bring in your BAM, I hope that you don’t mind.

Have a great season.”

I loved the note from Pam. It was warm, friendly and she sincerely tried to connect with me with all of my BAM! stuff in my signature line of my email. Just this very little effort is going to make me have warm feelings about taking out my trash all summer!

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