Great Service from A Chicago Yellow Taxi Driver #597

by Barry Moltz on June 24, 2011

I live in Chicago and I hate taxi drivers.  I know that they do not have the greatest job in the world and with higher gas prices it takes hard work.  Unfortunately, for the most part Chicago taxi drivers are rude and give lousy customer service.  This comes from constantly talking on the phone while driving to not getting out of the taxi to help with the luggage in the trunk…and still expecting a big tip!

This is why I was surprised when I received an outstanding customer service gesture from a Chicago taxi driver today.  I was traveling in downtown Chicago on my way between meetings. When  I realized I was going to be late, I flagged a taxi and got in.  One block after I started my taxi ride, I received a text that my meeting had been canceled and I no longer needed to go to the destination I was heading.  I asked the taxi driver to stop and pulled out $4 to pay the fare on the meter.  The taxi driver declined my money since I had gone a very short distance.  I was shocked and grateful!

I am constantly complaining about taxi drivers in Chicago.  Finally, there is something to cheer!  Have you had a great taxi experience you want to share?

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