It Almost Makes Me Want to Get Braces

by Barry Moltz on January 10, 2011

Today’s guest post was written by Sarah D. Johnson, CMP (Certified Meeting Professional), Owner and President of MoJo Group New York Meeting Planners

“My niece is going to have to get braces soon…and she is very excited.  Seriously.  Yes, she is just ten years old, but it isn’t just mere naivety that is making her happy about the prospect of braces rather than fearful or dreading it.  My sister was telling me about her Orthodontist’s office and she sounds like a marketing genius.

In their waiting area they have two Wii stations, a smoothie machine, fresh baked cookies and an espresso machine (needless to say, siblings love to come to the appointments with the patients and the parents don’t mind either).  In addition to that, they rent out the Water Park of America every year for their patients.  They gave my niece a huge bag of candy (which she won’t be able to eat yet but she can hold on to as motivation or her sister can enjoy for now) and then when the braces come off, she gets another big bag and a party where they sing and dance with her.  They also give out tokens for visits and other things (wearing their t-shirts to visits) and then she can buy things with the tokens including Ipads, Ipods, etc…

With all of these incentives and making it like a fun “club” to belong to, who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?

I wish my Dentist’s office was as much fun…I have an appointment this week!

What creative ways does your business get customers excited about it?”

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