Jesse Petersen: The Best Customer Service Guy For the Web

by Barry Moltz on November 19, 2009

JesseI work with a lot of vendors and I am tough on them when it comes to customer service.  Ask my family; they are afraid to go into a restaurant with me for fear what I might ask the server.

Frankly, I expect a lot from everyone I work . I expect the same customer service I deliver to my clients. Besides good quality work, I want the people I work with to be responsive to my questions within hours. In this 24/7 world where we are all connected, that has become the rule, not the exception.

I was introduced to Jesse Petersen at Petersen Media Group by Phil Gerbyshak this year. He did both my small business site and this customer service one. Jesse is customer service. He replies to me with actions he takes sometimes so instantaneously that I think he is reading my mind. His main goal in working with you is to ensure you are completely satisfied.  Jesse defines what BAM!-good customer service is and lives the manifesto.

If you need help on a website or a Twitter background, contact Jesse. He is BAM-good!

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