Just Say Yes to the Simple Requests

by Barry Moltz on November 30, 2009

zipcarI am continually amazed how when I ask a company to do something for me and they say yes, how satisfied I feel as a customer.

These usually are simple requests that cost the company little or nothing by granting them. For example, I rented a Zipcar yesterday and it was not in its assigned parking space. I called the company and they transferred my reservation immediately and let me take the more expensive BMW sitting there. This costs them nothing. I had rented the car for an hour and the BMW was just going to sit there non rented. In the process, they created a happy customer with an unused asset (the car).

I bought two icebreaker shirts from the same seller at eBay and I asked if I could combine the purchases and pay only one shipping charge. He said of course and sent me an invoice for only $5. Although this might have cost him $5 in the short term, it created such a satisfied customer I bought something else from him right away.

Listen to the simple requests that customers make . Grant them if you can. You will see immediate results.

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