“BAM!-good” Customer Service Manifesto

It’s time for a new customer service manifesto for your company. This is what it should include:

1. We will deliver on what we promised.
2. If you are dissatisfied with our product or service, we will listen attentively to all your concerns.

3. When things go wrong, we will be easy to reach in an economically feasible manner.

4. We will resolve your issues in a reasonable manner and in a reasonable time frame, or give you a refund or compensate you in a manner that leaves you as satisfied as possible.

5. We will admit when we made a mistake.

6. We will empower our employees to solve your issue at the point it occurs.

7. We will not force you to buy something you do not want.

8. We will make it easy to end our business relationship.

9. We will not charge separate nuisance fees or surcharges.

10. We will treat you with respect and dignity at all times.

11. When we decide to change something in our agreement (raise or lower our prices, alter our hours, drop or add a service or product), we will tell you in advance in a very public way.

12. We will never, ever, ever give or sell any information about you without your permission.

13. We will not fill your e-mail or your mailbox with marketing material you don’t want to see. We will make it easy for you to opt in or out of information that we send.

14. We will offer you several convenient ways to provide feedback on our products and services.

15. In every situation, we will ask you what it would take to make you feel satisfied.