How to Treat Your Loyal Customers

by Barry Moltz on January 3, 2011

I was upset at Discover Card this past week so I wrote a letter to their customer service executive.

Dear Mr. Edward Stolbof, Senior Vice President, Customer Service at Discover Card.

I am canceling one of my Discover Cards.

I had been a loyal customer until this past week when I made a slip that Discover is punishing me for.  After almost 10 years of paying the entire balance of my card on time each month, apparently I forgot to send an electronic payment last month.  When I found out my error two weeks later, I paid the $5,000 balance in full ahead of the next due date.  Here is what I got for my mistake from your company:

1. A letter telling me that my available credit was lowered because now you see me as a risk.

2. A late fee and finance charges (as expected, I was late).

3. My future interest rate went up (if I ever do this again).

One mistake of two weeks, one time.  Doesn’t 10 years of on time payments count for anything? When you make a mistake and charge something to my card that isn’t mine, do I penalize you?

The  Happy Ending

Today, Marie called from Discover.  She apologized on how it had been handled.  She refunded the late fee, the finance charges and gave me a $25 gift card.  Thank you Discover for being so responsive to a loyal customer.

Loyal customers make mistakes.  Forgive them like Discover did and they will stay with you even longer.

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