The 20 Myths of Customer Service

Customer Service. Big Deal. Yada-Yada-Yada. Here it comes again. Maybe if we ignore it, they’ll go away.  Here are the myths that so many believe (and run our companies by) without even questioning them. It’s so much easier, right?

Myth #1:  The customer is a single thing or entity easy to target.

Myth #2:  The customer is always right.

Myth #3:  The customer is always wrong.

Myth #4:  Good customer service is about having high-quality products.

Myth #5:  Good customer service is just plain common sense.

Myth #6:  The term “good customer service” means the same thing to everyone.

Myth #7:  Ethics, pride, and altruism are all reasons for providing excellent customer service.

Myth #8:  If you learn how to “put up with customers,” business can be great!

Myth #9:  Taking care of the customers you have is more important than getting new customers.

Myth #10:  Unhappy customers tell their stories to more people than happy customers do.

Myth # 11:  Unhappy customers are a part of doing business. If you handle a customer complaint well, the offended customer will be even a  more loyal customer.

Myth #12:  Customers don’t care about great service; they just want the lowest price possible.

Myth #13:  Customers need to be patient. They can’t expect a company to fix all complaints overnight.

Myth #14:  Forget about good customer service; people buy from those they like.

Myth #15:  Some people are naturally good at customer service.

Myth #16:  Comment cards and customer surveys accurately measure customer service.

Myth #17:  Customer service systems should focus on troubleshooting. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Myth #18:  Companies achieve good customer service by under-promising and over-delivering.

Myth # 19:  You can satisfy all of the customers all of the time.

Myth #20: Roll Your Own!  What is the myth that guides your view of customer service? What is your belief and what is the reality? Tell us!