Send a little BAM! Anonymously to A Vendor That Needs Customer Service

by Barry Moltz on November 4, 2009

One of my clients sent me this idea this morning:

“I was thinking that I’d like  to send our IT support company your book . . . they desperately need some customer service help  (like don’t take a week to call me back, or excuses like “I did not get your email”). I could just order him a copy from Amazon, but I thought it might be fun to be able to send it anonymously with a note like “one of your clients thinks you should read this . . . “ Maybe you can discount the book for this “send anonymous for Better BAM Customer service program”.

Great idea! I will send a free copy to the first 100 people that want to send a book to a vendor to get them to offer BAM!-good service! Contact me!

My client suggests these notes on the book:

“I’m a customer of yours and would like to continue being a customer. I think you’d benefit by reading this book”

 or ” I’m a customer of yours and your customer service is just OK, and I’d love to be getting BAM good customer service from you. You might benefit by reading this book.”

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