Getting It All in One Place: Why Amazon Will Win

by Barry Moltz on November 25, 2009

I like to leaf through catalogs to and tear out the pages on which I like to buy things. I tore out two pages: one to buy a portable table and another item which was a item to cook smores at a campfire. Pretty diverse.

As I was about to order from both companies, I decided to check to see if Amazon sold these items. When I check, they did at a few more dollars than the other catalogs.  However, I purchased from Amazon because:

1. Convenience: they already have my credit card and shipping info. I do not need to enter it in again.

2. Free Two Day Shipping: I am already a Prime user, so I can get the items in 2 days for free.

3. A Brand I Trust: I had never ordered from the other catalogs. I know Amazon will ship the items.

The other catalog companies sold the items to me through their catalogs but I bought from Amazon. How can the small catalogers win?

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