Small Town to Small World

by Barry Moltz on April 26, 2010

Becky McCray and I are writing a book, with the working title “From Small Town to Small World: Unlocking the Secrets of Rural Entrepreneurs”

Small Town Entrepreneurs have been successful for years creating communities. When the whole world online is becoming more like one big small town, small town entrepreneurs have some relevant lessons to share with everyone.

Right now, we’re looking for some specific stories from rural entrepreneurs.

1. A small town business dealing with the economic challenges of small towns.
2. Someone who had to retrain the workforce to find workers for their small town business.
3. A small town business person who receives mentoring from outside their local area.
4. Small town business networking and community involvement stories.
5. A small town business that has used government contracts to build their biz.

If you can share your own story coping with one of these issues, please let us know.

We may not be able to use your story, but we appreciate you taking time to help with collecting your experience!

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