Surrounded and Calling the Cops: One Bank Gives Chase

by Barry Moltz on February 1, 2010

We have heard some pretty bad customer service small business stories with the Great Recession. Banks are the used car salesman of our times. But when I saw this one (thanks to Lena West)  from Calvin Chu, I was appalled and amazed!

Calvin was a happy Wamu customer before Chase bought the banks. “Wamu’s small business group for example, used to send cards in the mail personally signed to see how my business was getting on, and was always there to assist and be helpful.”

Calvin decided to close his accounts. He recounts what happened next:

“I went there a month ago to close ALL my accounts.  The manager said they could do nothing for me and started to close the account(s) at which point they surrounded me with 3 other people, the manager’s  manager, that guy’s manager, the original manager and another guy that just stood there.  So I was surrounded by managers and they asked that I  not close my accounts for a few minutes and allow them to correct any grievances.

Turns out they had no ability to correct, no power whatsoever so I continued to close my accounts and I tweeted the whole  hilarious situation.  The bank people then asked that I do not tweet because reporting such  things is a “federal offense” at which point they proceeded to CALL THE COPS.  The NYPD showed up at the branch and they made the cops wait online. 

Then they offered to show the cops the security footage of me closing my accounts and tweeting.  Seriously.  Afterwards the cops said to the chase people, “Twitter is totally legal
and I’m glad I don’t have a Chase account.”

Can you top this?

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Mike Maddaloni - @thehotiron February 1, 2010 at 8:15 am

Hi Barry:

Do you have a link to this?

I have to chime in and say this is nothing like my experience with my local Chase branch at Washington and Wabash in Chicago, which was a WaMu branch previously. It is one of the few branches that remained open in the Loop after the, um, takeover, and most all of the staff remained. As it is where I originally opened my accounts, over the years I have gotten to know the staff, and the management and most staff remained when the name changed.

The Chase staff have been extremely helpful to me. Knowing them on a first-name basis (and they knowing my name!) is unheard of. I admit when I deal with other aspects of the bank I don’t get the personal attention I get there. But for my day-to-day interaction, it works for me!

And I will even tweet that. :)


Barry Moltz February 1, 2010 at 9:06 am

This was something I was forwarded from a posting and them followed up with Calvin to see if I can publish it. Glad your there is another side!

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