Taking Responsibility for Your Lousy Service

by Barry Moltz on March 16, 2010

One of the reasons I hate flying is the lack of responsibility that all airlines take when things go wrong.

Amazingly, whenever things go wrong on your flight, it’s never the airline’s fault. It is always (choose a, b,c,d or e).

a. Air Traffic Control

b. Weather

c. Crews issues related to a or b

d. TSA

e. Mechanical Issues

Airlines will only compensate you for mechanical issues sometimes. They would just as well have you sleep at O’Hare all night then find you another way to your destination.

My sister-in-law writes me about her recent experience on Delta:

“4:30 flight got bumped to 8:30pm on Sunday. I would miss my transfer flight in Detroit. The only flight they said they had was a 5pm flight the next day from Detroit. So basically they were going to have me sleep in the Detroit airport all night and wait all the next day until 5pm to get home. They would not put me on another airline, they would not put me on a morning flight, they would not get me a hotel, they wouldn’t help me at all. I called my husband and he went online and booked me on a 10am flight the next morning, but had to fight like crazy to get it. I ended up sleeping at my step-sister’s. I have never been treated so rude, cold, and without any concern at all. I still do not have my luggage and I am still pissed. I felt like one little raisinette…”

Like any other business, airlines need to take responsibility when things go wrong even if it is not strictly their fault. As consumers, we don’t care what happened! When you make the customer more comfortable and really hear their problems, they will be satisfied even if things don’t go as they planned.

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