That Personal Touch

by Barry Moltz on January 19, 2011

Jodie Frazier at Alamo

Renting cars at the airport for most business travels is a commodity business.  But there is at least one business leader at Alamo Rental Car in Phoenix that is trying to set himself apart for the pack.

Depending upon the  time of the year, renting cars in Phoenix can be fairly cheap.  I typically log on to Orbitz to get the best price.  While I am loyal to flying American and staying at Marriotts, I have never become attached to rental cars.  But, now everything has changed.

When I arrived to pick up my car, Jodie Frazier, Branch Rental Manager greeted me personally.  With a lot of enthusiasm, he said they were offering upgrades today.  I happily drove off in an SUV.  The biggest surprise was when I came back to turn my car back in the next day, he was still there!  Asking me  about how my rental was…I was amazed.

When I travel, the personal touch means something.  I know I will be renting from Alamo the next time I am in Phoenix just to see Jodie again!

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