The #1 Customer Experience Brand: Barnes and Noble

by Barry Moltz on April 5, 2010

According to Forrester Research, Barnes and Noble is the number 1 customer experience brand after polling 4,600 US consumers.

Who is rounding out the top five?  Marriott Hotels followed by Hampton Inn, Amazon and Holiday Inn Express.

While Hampton Inn and Amazon are no surprise to me, I could not believe that Marriott and Holiday Inn were on the list. My experiences at these two hotel chains have varied so much from location to location.

The bottom of the list couldn’t be more deserving: Charter Communications (Cable), United Healthcare (need I say more) and my bank, Citigroup (bankers as the used car salesman of our time). The heath insurance, banking and cable  industries by definition up until now have not had to be very consumer oriented (unlike hotels) with their more monopolistic structure.

Who would you put at the top and bottom of the list?

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