The Manager Pitches In

by Barry Moltz on February 3, 2010

Winter Mak, Manager of BLT Burger and My Family in Hong Kong

When we were in Hong Kong last month, we had been traveling in Asia for a week. I had a taste for a big burger with a milkshake.

We stopped by BLT Burger near our hotel. The food was just what the doctor ordered, but the service at first was not.

It was Christmas weekend and it was mobbed. When we were finally seated, we could not find our server to take our order. I stopped the manager, Winter Mak, and asked him to find our servicer. Instead, he just took our order! I was amazed. Here was a manager that was digging in to help get the job done not just well, managing. He was a delightful server and even treated us to dessert for our inconvenience.

Winter Mak turned a nightmare into a wonderful memory. You can for your customers too.

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