The New Customer Service Manifesto

by Barry Moltz on December 8, 2009

In every business relationship, there are spoken, unspoken, and written contracts. These agreements happen deliberately and sometimes casually as a part of normal business transactions. When we sell something to someone or agree to buy something from someone, there is a basic, implied promise and expectation that the exchange will be done in a fair and mutually satisfying way. However, as we all know, this doesn’t always happen.

For BAM!-good  customer service to take root, a business needs much more than good intentions, a fancy tagline, or even a promise. The commitment between the company and the customer needs to be a Manifestoa public declaration of all that you intend to do for the customer to make your business relationship mutually satisfying and keep them coming back. The manifesto is two-way—with customer commitments as well.

Examples of company manifesto provisions could include: We will deliver on what we promised. We will listen attentively to all your concerns. You can reach us when you want to talk to a person. We will resolve your issue reasonably and in a reasonable amount of time. We will admit it when we make a mistake.

Read the BAM-good Manfesto.

The customer themselves has a responsibility too. Their manifesto provisions could include:  I will notify you when I am dissatisfied. I will state the problem as clearly and concisely as I can. I will do whatever I can to not take my anger and frustration out on the person who is trying to help me. I will be prepared to ask for a remedy that will help me feel satisfied.

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