The RCN Customer Service Manifesto

by Barry Moltz on October 22, 2010

Manifestos are important for companies.  I make suggestions that should be in every company customer sevice manifesto.

Being an RCN customer, I was curious when I received a flyer on my door handle this morning that proclaimed what RCN stands for:

Besides the typical quality TV, Internet and Phone jargon, they listed:

Customer service you can depend on:

I am not sure that when my internet goes down and RCN can’t get someone out here for 3 days, how I can rely on this company?  Now I understand why their service is not great as a semi monopoly, but if you are not willing to deliver it, don’t promise it!

Value that the competition can’t match:

Now I understand that you will try to beat any competitor’s price, but what about giving me that great price (50% off) that you give to your new customers?  I have been loyal for 10 years, why don’t I rate for a better price?  Oh yeah, I have to threaten to leave to get that price!

As a business, this does not make a lot of sense.  Only commit to customer service promises you can profitably afford to keep.  Finally, don’t give a better deal to new customers than existing ones.  It does not build loyalty from the folks you really need!

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