The Way Calls to the Customer Service Agent Should Be

by Barry Moltz on March 8, 2010

I am horrible on putting things together. So when my son wanted a new basketball hoop I shivered.

I dutifully ordered it from Walmart and it came a few days later in the mail. One night, my son and I embarked on the journey called “Assembly Required.”

We tried to follow the manual and checked each step. Every time we hit an assembly roadblock we’d smash through it. We even confidently completed one step that the manual said that could not be undone. We knew we had it right! High Fives.

The time came to attach the backboard and the hoop. We then realized in one sinking moment that we had assembled the poles wrong- the one step that could not be undone!

I had a great experience calling customer service at LifeTime. Here is why!

1. No Blame. When I called, they didn’t make me feel like an idiot. The rep said that so many people make the same mistake.

2. No Huge Cost. They did not charge me for my mistake. They only billed shipping.

3. Follow Through. They followed up to make sure I got the shipment and the assembly went well this time.

Have any good “I called customer service stories?”

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