Twitterville’s Biggest Pet Peeves

by Barry Moltz on November 10, 2009

jen-kushellOur friend, Jennifer Kushell at the Young and Successful Network passed on these customer service pet peeves that her followers on Twitter have: (you can look at the entire list here)

@asinclair12 Waiting forever on the phone to speak to a representative only to get hung up on and have to call back again.

@marketingfails Pull up at the drive-thru, hear a friendly female voice on recording, and getting a depressed “Hello” in a deep baritone male voice.

@vickitruitt Associates that appear annoyed by your very presence. It’s as if providing their services to you is a huge inconvenience. Hate that!

@james_laker When a salesperson says, “it’s the policy” & goes into script & makes no effort to resolve a dispute!

@EntMagazineTan I loathe intentionally circuitous call centers so you’re stuck in “automated” limbo. Verizon, I’m giving you the stink eye!

@DramaFreeLiving I detest sales staff that isn’t knowledgeable about products/services. If I can’t get answers,why should I buy ?

@trainerLaura My customer service pet peeve is an apathetic reply to a request. The “I’ll do as little as I possibly can” attitude.

@thekimschneider Rude customer service associates. If someone can’t be 100% delightful and work in cust. serv. they shouldn’t choose that job

@marcusclarkus In any service situation coming upon a group of people and they act like you are putting them out when you ask for help or direction

@marcusclarkus When you are being helped and someone excuses themself to take a phone call. Like a ringing phone takes precedent over a live person

@EntMagazineKym Blind transfers from call center reps. why should I have to explain my problem over and over as the issue is escalated?

@Stefaniya Any employee of the place where I’m shopping/eating getting served/checked out BEFORE me in line.

@lorirusso Often it feels as if customer service reps are paid to identify obstacles rather than find solutions. Rarely seems like they *want* to help.

@Scottk Walking into a store and not having anyone acknowledge me!

@KatieYSN When 5 people are behind a desk and 20 are in line and no one is paying attention to them.

@JoshuaHoppes Calling a number and getting an automated system machine.  (Within 3 seconds of saying that I actually felt a sense of rage bubbling up inside!)

@MoniquePeltz Calling and speaking to someone who doesn’t speak the language well and is so blatantly reading from a script.

@PhilipNowak Sir, I can’t do that. Let me speak to a manager. Hold. Manager approves request in 30 seconds.

@PutFeed Salespeople who flock at your like vultures.  Do I look like a dead body?:P
Have your own pet peeve to share or just get off your chest? 

What are your pet peeves?

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