What CEOs, Managers and Customer Service Reps can do to Offer Great Customer Service

by Barry Moltz on December 3, 2009

The first thing is to identify and bust the customer service myths that are operating inside your company. Talk to employees to uncover  what gets in the way of customer service. What processes and systems don’t work? Are your customer service goals unrealistic? Where does the company walk not match the company talk? Define customer service for your company as you want it to be. Set up a plan to handle your “typical” and “atypical” customers—recognizing that every customer is unique.

Use the economic model we provide to calculate the value of your most important customers. Write your own manifesto. Ask your customers to help. Set up tools to collect and measure how satisfied your customers feel.

Remember, in a me-too, Internet world where price comparisons and product availability are just a click of the keyboard away, BAM! Good  customer service is one of the best ways to secure a competitive advantage

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