What Good is Online Chat Customer Service if There is None?

by Barry Moltz on November 30, 2010

I bought a new Cardscan device to enter the business cards I get into my data base.  I could not figure out how to use it.  I felt I was missing the obvious.  I tried their online chat support on their web site.

This was the chat log:

Patty Soto: Hi, my name is Patty Soto.  How may I help you?
Barry Moltz: Hi bought a Cardscan 60 and can’t get it running.
Barry Moltz: I feed the card into it but the scanner does not take it.
Patty Soto: Unfortunately there are no Cardscan reps available for chat, but I can have someone email you back as soon as they are available.

Patty Soto: Thanks.  I will have someone email you shortly.
Barry Moltz: So do I drop off here?
Patty Soto: ?
Patty Soto: Someone from Cardscan support will email you regarding your issue.
Barry Moltz: OK.

So, this chat was just to have someone email me and not actually help me?  What good is online chat is there is no one to help?  Just give me an email form.

If your company’s business model does not allow the cost of online chat support, use email or telephone.  Don’t promise something you can’t fulfill.

BTW, I figured out to use the Cardscan device before they emailed me.

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