Why Black Friday Doorbusters are Bad For Customer Service

by Barry Moltz on November 27, 2009

The Line at Target Started Nowhere Near Here

The Line at Target Started Nowhere Near Here

We all know that doorbusters are a gimmick to get us into the stores the day after Thanksgiving…and we look at the ad flyers anyways and many of us like me get up at a ridiculous hour to go shop and find a deal. But, in the end, door busters are bad for business.

Today at OfficeMax, we were one of the first 100 in line and left without a $199 laptop. At Target, even if we wanted to buy something, the wait to check out was over an hour. We left empty handed.

Both of these two situations left me feeling negatively about both retailers. I felt tricked and deceived. Nothing in any of the flyers were actually “buyable” (either the product was sold out or the line was too long to justify waiting to get a slightly better price). When I later went to Cosco, it was calm and invitingĀ … quite frankly the prices were as good.

Doorbusters bring comsumers in, but do they keep them satisfied?

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