Would You Keep A Commitment Even After You No Longer Had Your Business?

by Barry Moltz on October 19, 2010

In business, a lot of people make commitments.  Fewer follow them up with action.  I met Jason a year ago when he needed help with his car detailing business.  We agreed to barter and exchange my time for his.  Jason said that if I met with him, his company would detail my car.

Many months pass and I am finally ready to get my car detailed.  Through a set of unforeseen circumstances, Jason no longer owns the car detailing business.  But guess what?  He came over to my house tonight and for three hours he detailed my car himself!

I have nothing but admiration for Jason. He kept a personal commitment to me even after he no longer had his detailing business.  In a world where many times we struggle to get people to pay for our services in business, Jason stands as a shining example of what can be done.

Do you have others examples like this?

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