You Don’t Have to Be the Mandarin Oriental to Offer Great Service

by Barry Moltz on January 20, 2010

I have always wanted to stay at The Oriental in Bangkok my whole life. With its reputation of having legendary service, I had to put it to the test. After a 3 day stay there (it was superb), I realized that even a business or hotel that isn’t the most expensive can learn from THE ORIENTAL.

The ORIENTAL: When we arrived, the hotel took our passports and then guided us  to our room to check s in. This was not done at the front desk. I appreciated the privacy and the ability to get all my questions answered.

ANY HOTEL: While not every hotel can afford the staff to check each person into their room individuallly, the hotel staff should make rounds to each room (Leave a note if they are not there).

The ORIENTAL: There is a concierge/ butler on every floor. My son would test to see how long it would take the butler to come (Average time was 57 seconds).

ANY HOTEL: While most can’t afford this kind of response, set the right expectation as to when the guest can be helped.

THE ORIENTAL: When we were at the hotel, they called us by our name.

ANY HOTEL: Actually, we can all do it if we make an effort. Train your staff in how to remember names. You will be amazed the effect it has on your guests.

THE ORIENTAL: They did not nickel and dime us with extras. They offered a free meal on check in…what better way to get us to sample the restaurant?

ANY HOTEL: Offer a free drink or appetizer. Get them out of their room, down to the restaurant where profit is waiting.

THE ORIENTAL: Learn to say goodbye. When we left, the entire door staff lined up and did the traditional Thai bow goodbye.

ANY HOTEL: Come around the desk and give the bill to the guest and shake their hand goodbye.

We can all be the Mandarin with a little extra focus and care. Any other hotel service stand out for you?

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